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Shipping Boxes

Assisted Purchase

Our Assisted Purchase service is available for customers who are unable to shop in the US.  

Some of the reasons are listed here:


  • The merchant does not accept your international credit card 

  • The merchant does not accept your payment method

  • The merchant’s website requires you to establish an account with a U.S. phone number 

How does the Assisted Purchase work?

Convenient and easy! 

Find the items from your favorite online stores and let us know what you want to purchase! 

After signing up for your Free US address, Log into your AES account.

Click on "Assisted Purchase"

Fill out the information and submit.

Safe and Secure!

  • Once we receive the details of your order, we review it and make sure that the items are available on the retailer's website.

  • We send you a quote for the amount you have to pay. Once we receive your payment, we place the order on your behalf.

  • You can track your order with the tracking number provided by the merchant. 

  • When your order arrives in our warehouse, we check the items to make sure that the order is correct: nothing missing, nothing damaged!

  • We send you a notification and store your package. 

  • You choose your method of shipping.

  • We forward your package to your home.

Let us know what you need

Send us the detail of what you want to order: description, quantity, product number, and total price including shipping to our warehouse in Miami.

When you are in the store website, select the items you want into a shopping cart, go to checkout, enter our shipping address. This will give you the total cost or your order.

You then enter all the information in your account (click on Assisted Purchase tab).

We check availability and purchase the products

We check if the items are available. We email you the total price including our fees. 

There is no fee if the merchant cancels the order (for example if the item is not available).

Once we received your order, we ship it to you

Once we receive your order in our warehouse, we check it to make sure that the correct item was sent, and we notify you.

When placing orders, be aware that some stores might send your items in multiple packages.


How much does it cost?

  1. Cost of items purchased

  2. Sales tax (domestic tax)

  3. Shipping cost from the online store to AES warehouse in Miami

  4. AES commission 8.50% of order

  5. Assisted Purchase fee $10.00 USD

  6. Bank Fee (Processing fee 5%)

  7. Shipping Fee to your home (depends on weight, destination and courier service you choose)

  8. Custom duties in your country




What is package consolidation service?

This service allows you to shop for several small items. You can receive packages from multiple stores or several boxes from the same store.

Once you receive all your orders in different boxes, we can combine them into one single box to reduce your shipping cost. You will have one tracking number.

What are your benefits?

  • Save money! You save an average of 50 to 80% on shipping costs by shipping one box versus several boxes. 

  • One package! You receive one box with all the items you purchased combined together. 

  • Free storage! We offer 30 days of Free storage with our Basic Plan and 45 days with our Premium Plan so you can collect your packages from different stores.

Get your Free U.S address. It is Free to Sign up. Choose from our Basic Membership 

(Consolidation Fees apply) or our Premium Monthly or Annual Membership (FREE consolidation services). 

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